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Our portfolio

Traceo  www.traceo.pl

Traceo system is designed for the location of vehicles and people. Offers GPS monitoring in real time along with the detailed history of routes traveled and visualization on the map.

Technology used:

- client-side: popular internet browsers and GWT
- client-side: mobile phones with J2ME
- Apache Tomcat 6, J2EE
- Spring framework
- Hibernate, JPA, PostgreSQL

Software contains attractive and easy-to-use user interface.

LangEffect  www.langeffect.pl

LangEffect is an Internet education centre constructed around intensive vocabulary learning.

Technology used:

- client-side: Servlets/JSP, Javascript, DWR (Ajax)
- Apache Tomcat 5, J2EE
- JDBC, PostgreSQL
- FLASH game components

LangEffect remembers and analyzes user's progress and selects optimal vocabulary for him/her.


Wirtuoz is a logistics system that will perform well in any place where thousands of sorts of goods are ordered and sold with various characteristics. It will perform perfectly in a store, a pharmacy or a wholesale outlet. The idea is about replacing a manual goods top-up model with an intelligent ordering process.

Virtuoso Logistics System

- works under Windows XP and Windows 2000
- uses any SQL-standard database
- serves one or more wholesale outlets
- is based on the COM+ technology

Software contains attractive and easy-to-use user interface.

A brief history of our group

2011 – game application based on Java 2D;

2011lolton.com portal for funny pictures;

2010traceo.pl system for GPS monitoring of vehicles and persons (J2EE platform) is developed;

2006langeffect.pl word-learning web service (J2SE platform) is developed;

2004 – Virtuoso logistics software is developed;

– we execute an IT system for the optimization of orders (Windows platform, using COM+);

– an E-10A switchboard control system is developed;

– a billing system is developed, patented and then installed across Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia for over 1.000.000 subscribers (patent no. 174638);

– development and preparation of a unique encryption system for one of Poland’s biggest banks (The BGŻ);

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