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RAPTIVITY Standard Pack 1

Create engagement by challenging the learner, testing for knowledge and seeking feedback.

RAPTIVITY Standard Pack 2

Jazz up course presentations with meaningful interactions. Leverage presentation aids easily. Build interactive diagrams and exercises.

RAPTIVITY Standard Pack 3

Animate content and enrich technical training. Easily build overview visuals, flow diagrams and software simulations.

RAPTIVITY Booster Pack 1

The Booster Pack 1 (Games, Soft Skills Simulations, and Learning Aids) contains additional interaction models that let you mix fun, simulation, and convenience with learning.

Games TurboPack

Make learning exciting and fun with award-winning Raptivity games. Leverage wide range of television games, fun learning games and mini games such as Jeopardy, Million Dollar Quiz, Wheel of Fortune, Slot Machine, Sudoku and many more.

Videos TurboPack

Build video interactions - and convert passive video clips into active learning experiences. Leverage the power of videos while keeping the learner alert and active.

Simulations TurboPack

Simulate real-life learning experiences using award-winning Raptivity simulations. Build guided adaptive scenarios, explorative branching simulations, immersive learning situations and whiteboard simulations.

3D TurboPack:

3Helps you create learning interactions based on metaphors and objects from 3D and virtual worlds. Map your content to 3D objects like cube, panning cards. Simulate virtual world using real world 3D learning experiences like walk-through, travel, peak climbing, journey and so on.

A list of all currently available models of interaction can be found here.

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